How to...Have the Best Photo Session Possible!

SO often I'm asked about wardrobe, location and Pinterest before a photo session. After shooting and planning countless of them, I've come to a few realizations.

This blog is about sharing what I've learned with you in order for you to not only have photos you love, but more importantly photos that reflect your style, your relationships with loved ones, and to have an EXPERIENCE you look back on fondly when glancing at your photos.  

Firstly and most importantly, DROP THE EXPECTATIONS. 

Social media allows us to see glimses of other peoples lives through photos. Do not compare yourself to them. Do not base your expectations for your photos on them, either. Your photos will be unique to you if you let go and let the session take form naturally. Easier said than done but in order to make it more fluid you can:

1. Pick a photographer with a style you love.

Not just a single shot you love - a style. Look at their body of work, look at the colours and the composition. Do you feel something when you look at their work or do you just see a nice photo? Pick according to your wants - everybody's are different and that's ok! Most people choose to have a photo session because they are always behind the camera capturing their littles. In this case, wouldn't it be special to have REAL interactions with your kids, significant other, or family members rather than a recreated photo found online? If you nodded yes to yourself, keep reading! Stay with me :) 

2. Avoid Pinterest.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing, don't get me wrong. I Pinterest, you Pinterest, we all Pinterest! It's amazing we have such a cool place to share/gather ideas! I say this with a friendly hug, but if you are saving photos to recreate please keep this in mind. Those photos were taken in specific light, on a specific day, by a specific style of photographer (perhaps completely different than the style you have chosen), in a specific location and most of the time the photos are of models (not that you aren't a model - we all are). That being said, not all poses or photos can be replicated with the same emotion, sometimes height and body stature play a big role - not every pose is flattering or comfortable. Trust that your photographer will choose not only flattering poses, but will have you moving and interacting naturally so that you are comfortable and enjoying your experience. Let Pinterest be an idea and not a tool to try to stage your session or create unrealistic expectations.

3. Choosing Outfits

Regardless of the season, let yourself get a little creative!

Mix patterns and colours and textures! They can be neutral colours if that's your style or they can be bolder, too! Gone are the days where everyone wore matching pants and t-shirts. Embrace comfort and let your kids (and yourself) have a bit of personality incorporated. Maybe they have a favourite shirt you could work into the shoot strategically. Maybe they want their favourite stuffy in a few photos. If they are comfortable and excited about something, then they will have more fun - fun is number one! If they are having fun, so are you! Don't let outfit malfunctions bring you down. If the baby booties keep falling off, ditch them. Barefoot and happy is better than a crying baby and frustrated parents. :)

4. Location isn't key.

Having a location in mind is usually quite helpful to a photographer as searching for new locations becomes difficult during busy times! If you have a location in mind, run it by your photographer - especially if it's meaningful to you! On the other hand, if you don't have a location in mind, that's ok too! For the most part your photographer could make the middle of the street look neat or your backyard work perfectly! Depending on the time of day and lighting, there are endless options - Don't stress that you don't have a secret location on top a cliff or the perfect barn in the middle of no where.